KID Museum

  • Help us make a Harvest Mosaic
  • Add a leaf to our gratitude wall
  • Assist in weaving a community basket
  • Construct two large communal drums

CHINA – Pestle seeds from grain, sort tea leaves, learn a harvest dance, try your hand at jianzhi – the art of paper cutting, practice writing Chinese Calligraphy, get close-up to a Chinese dragon and panda, see traditional costumes and enjoy beautiful Chinese Lanterns. Presented by Chinese Culture and Community Service Center Inc. and Coordination Council of Chinese-American Associations.

EGYPT – Listen to stories about the Harvest Goddess, Renenutet, make papyrus, write your name in hieroglyphics, and place the scorpion stone in water and watch him move.  Speak with an Egyptologist about the history and traditions of Egypt.

EL SALVADOR – Celebrate the Festival de Maiz (corn festival) with corn games, make crafts, and enjoy traditional El Salvadoran guitar music by artist Lilo Gonzalez. Explore the art and cultural artifacts, and try on traditional dress. Presented by Montgomery County Sister Cities Program and the Embassy of El Salvador.

ETHIOPIA – Pull raw cotton into thread, experience a traditional coffee ceremony, make injera, write your name in Amharic, and play traditional games from Ethiopia. See beautiful jewelry, artifacts, and clothes from Ethiopia. Presented by the Ethiopian Community Center in Maryland.

GERMANY – Crack a nut with an authentic German nutcracker, see beer steins from Pinneberg, play games with German words. Presented by Rockville Sister City Corporation.

INDIA – Experience the tea harvest, dress in a sari or turban, try on a bindi, experience the traditional art of henna, and explore the differences between Northern and Southern India. The India tent features beautiful textiles and hands-on crafts & activities.

JAMAICA and BARBADOS – Sew your own burlap bags to hold the aromatic coffee crops on display, play games related to the sugar cane crop, experience the tastes of the Caribbean. Presented by The White House Studios.

KOREA – South Korea, which is being designated a Montgomery County Sister City this November, will feature harvest moon dancers, a display of songpyeon (traditional rice cakes), and games, such as the harvest ceremony game jegichagi, similar to American hacky sack. Try your hand at Korean calligraphy, experience a Korean fan dance, and immerse yourself in the Korean culture.

THAILAND – Construct a floating offering to the water goddess to celebrate Loy Krathong and the end of rice harvest season. Make crafts about rice harvesting, try on farmers costumes, listen to a performance of traditional music played on the Khim, a stringed instrument, and the Ranad, similar to a xylophone and join in with the Thai dancers.

TURKEY – Recreate a traditional woven rug using paper instead of wool, make nazar jewelry and amulets as protection from the “evil eye”, try on traditional dress and take your photo, and celebrate the many harvest festivals of wine, grain, flowers, artichoke, mushrooms; pistachio, etc. with craft projects.

UKRAINE – Experience Pierogi and bread making harvest traditions. Play Ukrainian games, and watch painting and embroidery demos, and see traditional dance and Ukrainian cultural dress. Presented by the Federal Cultural Foundation

Download a printable program, including the schedule and festival map here.