Performance Schedule

12:00 Amadou Kouyate
1:00 The Great Ethiopian Cultural Band 1:30 Parade of Cultures
2:00 Welcome Ceremony
2:30 Banda El Pulgacito
3:00 Kathak Dance by Dance 2 Health
Bollywood Interactive Danc
3:30 Dance by Northeast Chinese Americans Association
Song by Anhui Friendship Association Dance by Shanghai Native Association HuLuSi Music by Shandong Province
Chinese American Association Yellow River Art Ensemble

12:00 GuZheng Club of CCACC Yuan Chi Research Society
Grateful Postures Dance
Evergreen Club Taiwanese Folk Dance 12:30 Korean Fan Dance
by Sarah Peace Mission Korean Dance Tea
1:00 Natanjali School of Dance Raas Dance Group from GW
1:30 Parade of Cultures
2:30 The Great Ethiopian Cultural Band 3:00 Strathmore World Jazz Choir
3:30 Tanoura Show & Egyptian Folklore


*Information subject to change.  

On-going activities (from noon to 4 pm):  chef demonstrations, cooking workshops, hands-on activities,  food, and more!